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customer journey mapping


Customer journey mapping does what it says on the box. We take a look at your customers – or the customers you want – and we figure out where they typically start their journey with you.

Then we map that journey from first awareness to advocacy.

Click here to view the customer journey mapping infographic.

Roobix knows that understanding your audience comes first. 

After that, we figure out your touch points. What channels do you need? Where will your audience be looking? What will they be thinking?

Next, we align your touch points with each part of your customer journey. We figure out what content we can provide for you to best capture your audience at any given touch point. Things like:

How do we know when is the best time in the journey to engage each of your customers? Because we’ve done our market research. All of our customer journey mapping is led by intensive strategy and powered by our intelligent people.  It all comes down to getting the right message to the right person at the right time – and that’s what we do best. 

To find your customer journey map, reach out to Roobix. Customer journey mapping forms part of our standard Blueprint packages.

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‘Roobix made some amazing suggestions, explaining our ideal customer journey and proposing a good range of B2B events across our target industries. The dormant client reactivation recommendations are a great idea – key to us becoming proactive rather than reactive.’

– Travis, Integral Development