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There are thousands of automation tools out there – from the simple to the downright complex. Contrary to popular opinion, no one automation tool is better than any other. They should be selected according to your own unique business needs.

Pardot® or Hubspot® might be perfect for your competitor’s business but too complex for you. The golden rule of any marketing automation decision is to start with strategy.

At Roobix we are technology agnostic, we work with organisations to optimise their automation pathways, then help them to align the right technology.


When we founded Roobix we found our clients were stuck in the middle of the automation revolution. The more comprehensive technology was price prohibitive, the less comprehensive options didn’t have the features that make the investment worthwhile, so over 5 years we created Roobot and Australian SMEs love it.

Roobot has all the smarts you need, without the hefty price tag. It coordinates data, insights and intelligent workflows to convert web visitors to hot sales leads. That makes it one of the most powerful tools in the B2B marketing toolbox.

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Roobot has added elements of professionalism to our electronic communications that we haven’t been able to achieve on other platforms.  The ease of use, presentation of content and back-end data capture is the best we’ve experienced and ensures we can present high quality information in support of our members.

– Matt, SportWest